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Past Event

Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation at SAM

Jul 30 – Sep 7 2014

Seattle Art Museum

First Floor Corridor

9 AM – 5 PM

The Community Corridor Art Gallery presents work by artists from the Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation.

Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation is a house full of artists. It is also a day program providing a safe and educational environment for special needs adults in the Kitsap Peninsula. There are daily art workshops, sing-a-long sessions, cooking classes and dancing led by volunteers and the two full-time staff. The participants love to socialize with peers, be given stimulating tasks, and live active lives. Life at BISNF is unique with so many present minds participating and visual art is one way in which this light is captured. The art object allows the special needs participants to share the work they do and take pride in their growth. It is important to be able to support and provide a space for all types of creative activity and exploration for the special needs community.

The artwork displayed here is a variety of work made by the special needs artists, highlighting the idiosyncratic processes, thinking styles, and preferred materials of each individual. Taking time to view and appreciate the differences is an insight into the depth of the creative mind.

Photo: Muneera Gerald