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Past Event

Outreach Suitcase Workshop: Objects of Ceremony

Sat Jun 24 2017

Seattle Art Museum

Arnold Board Room (entire)

10 AM – 4 PM

Explore object-based learning using SAM Outreach Suitcases containing artifacts that students can handle, examine, and discuss. Spend time with curators Pam McClusky and Barbara Brotherton in SAM’s African and Northwest Coast Native American galleries, experimenting with new strategies for close-looking with art and objects.

Participants will gain tools and techniques to incorporate art objects into their classroom, unpack the SAM Outreach Suitcases, and hear from educators actively using objects in their classrooms. Using these experiences, work with your peers to develop object-based curriculum for your classroom.

Discounts are available if you bring a colleague to plan for the upcoming year! Workshop participants will receive free resources and teaching materials, entrance to the galleries, and six (6) Washington State Clock Hours.

Photo: Robert Wade