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Past Event

Color is Everything

Wed Jun 21 – Sun Jul 30 2017

Seattle Art Museum

First Floor Corridor

10 AM – 5 PM

Color Is Everything is a collaboration between photographer Stanton J. Stephens and poet and educator Imani Sims. This series uses photography and text to explore the power of joy as a tool for healing.

Joy is a distilled truth: the way through social, political, and personal landscapes. Imani Sims prompted each participant to articulate the ways to experience this truth. These recipes for joy act as captions for each photograph.

Sustainable joy was only made possible,
unlike her fickle cousin happiness,
slowly through time with grace,

despite what life presents:
Joy is a quiet emotion,
a choice to feel free and liberated.

There are not many spaces
that exist where whiteness
doesn't interrupt joy

So we drown it out with happiness.

Energy makes a difference.

Joy comes from within.

–Found poem by Imani Sims

It was an assumption I made that our society was on a stumbling path from fear and bigotry towards inclusion. I took a spectators position on issues of race and diversity, resting on the belief that this was an inevitability. Then one day I woke up feeling the weight of hate and negativity. This path was actually a pendulum and it had swung the other direction. I wanted to do something about it that didn’t include arguing on social media. So rather than meeting negativity with negativity I thought to create something that elicited joy and celebrated individuals who embodied the human spirit in an explosive way.

–Stanton J. Stephens

Free and open to the public.
Photo: Stanton J. Stephens