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Past Event

Experience Japanese Ikat

Apr 21 2018

Seattle Art Museum

Nordstrom Art Studio

2 PM – 4 PM

Sold Out

The second part of the workshop takes place 11 am to 4 pm on Sunday, April 22.

In this two-part workshop, visiting textile artist Shoji Yamamura introduces Kurume-kasuri, a double ikat weaving process involving tie-dyeing cotton threads in indigo to create patterns in weaving. After demonstrations using traditional materials and tools, participants will practice weft ikat processes: making a gauge for tying, tying bundles of threads, and weaving. Instruction will be translated into English.

Shoji Yamamura grew up in a household surrounded by the fragrance of natural indigo dyes. There he learned the intricate art of dyeing tied threads, and weaving them to produce distinctive ikat patterns. His family has been creating textiles in this tradition for several generations, known in Japan as kasuri. Their work is known more specifically as Kurume-kasuri, named for their town of Kurume, in Fukuoka Prefecture (southwestern Japan).

Yamamura is an innovator in his art, in using many gradations of color and new ways of using natural dyes. In 1996, he was named a successor to the Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Kurume-kasuri. His work has been exhibited widely in Japan, as well as in Washington DC and New York.


206.442.8480 [email protected]

$140; SAM member $110
Photo: Shoji Yamamura