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Past Event

Community Gallery: The Queens Project

Jul 9 – Sep 2 2018

Seattle Art Museum

First Floor Corridor

10 AM – 5 PM

Art is SYMBOLOGY… its power is in its ability to reach us on all levels of our experience. It is my belief that a single image can relay a message, impact a life, heal or transform its audience in a moments time.

–Infinite Milam

The Queens Project is a body of collective wisdom and photographic essays that explores legacy: what it is we wish to pass down to future generations.

Black women of excellence embody their highest self (alter ego) while exploring themes of identity, empowerment, and success to inspire youth and support a positive narrative.

Infinite Milam is a multi-disciplinary healing artist, transformation coach, activist and educator. She has traveled the world with the sacred intention of exploring the human experience, accessing wisdom and tools to facilitate change that promotes holistically well communities and earth for future generations.

As a literary and fine artist, Milam walks the line between the mystical and the functional. Her mixed-media work is a visual commentary reflecting back the journey of life, in themes of creation, mysticism, celebration, and self-inquiry. Other subjects explore intercultural communication and social justice and propose new iconographies of peace. These explorations are represented through found objects, symbols, sacred geometry and archetypal figures.

Photo: Infinite Milam