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Past Event

Virtual Family Fun Workshop: Young Artists

Jan 13 2021

Seattle Art Museum


3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Let’s Paint

Introduce your family to a variety of cultures and artistic traditions in this Virtual Family Fun Workshop series. Engage you and your child in learning and creating together through a workshop series.

The January series is three workshops focused on painting. In each session we will look closely at an artwork, do some interactive activities and make some art! This first workshop is called Painting Between the Lines. Explore abstract works of art and learn to paint with lines and shapes.

All the supplies you’ll need for the entire series will be mailed out the week before the workshop. Additionally, an activity sheet that recaps the workshop will be sent out after each workshop and will include additional ideas for learning.

Let's Paint: January workshops take place on three consecutive Wednesdays and focus on City of Tomorrow: Jinny Wright and the Art That Shaped a New Seattle. We'll learn about painting and explore different techniques that you can see in works in the exhibition.These workshops are designed to provide an experience tailored to the needs of Young Artists (ages 6–8 yrs).

Workshops in this Series

Wed Jan 13

Painting Between the Lines

Wed Jan 20

Colorful Canvases

Wed Jan 27

Sculpt with Paint

Cost for all three workshop and art supplies is $75 and includes the cost of shipping. Please note that we currently can only ship supplies domestically. Workshops must be purchased as a bundle and cannot be purchased seperately.
Sponsored by Real Networks Foundation Support for Family Fun Workshops provided by The Thanksgiving Foundation

The Seattle Art Museum acknowledges that we are located on the ancestral land of the Coast Salish people.