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​​Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help! Read through the sections below for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about SAM. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us.


​​Are there any museum admission discounts?
SAM offers discounted rates for students, seniors, and military with ID. SAM members and children (12 & under) are free. Admission at the Olympic Sculpture Park is always free!

​Groups with 10 or more people receive a discounted rate if reserved in advance—please call 203.654.3112 or email us.

SAM also participates in the City of Seattle’s GOLD and FLASH card program, TeenTix, Bank of America’s Museums on Us (special exhibition surcharge may apply), and Blue Star Museums. Please contact SAM’s Customer Service Center by using the online form or by calling 206.654.3210 for additional, up-to-date discount information.

What is First Thursday/Art Walk and is the museum free on this day?
On the first Thursday of every month, many galleries in the area stay open late. The ​Seattle Art Museum and the Asian Art Museum are open until 9 pm. Visitors receive free admission to SAM’s collections and installations (special exhibitions at the Seattle Art Museum carry a surcharge) all day.

What does “suggested admission” mean?
Visitors may choose to pay by donation to view SAM’s collections at both the Seattle Art Museum and the Asian Art Museum. That means that you can pay any amount and we will provide you with a ticket to view our collections (note: excludes major special exhibitions). We depend greatly on admission revenues, but we also want the museum to be accessible to all. The price of your ticket helps us offer activities and programs for youth, adults, and families, and to bring exciting exhibitions to the Northwest region.

Can I bring a stroller in?
SAM provides complimentary strollers or baby front pack carriers at the coat check. All baby backpack carriers and oversized strollers must be checked at the coat check. We request that all toys, balls, or similar items that may preclude others from enjoying the museum be left at home or checked at coat check.

Visit our Families page for more information about our kid-friendly spaces and family programs!

Does SAM have a coat check?
SAM provides complimentary coat check at all three locations. The museum requires visitors to check the following items:

  • Backpacks of any size

  • Shopping bags

  • Briefcases

  • Umbrellas

  • Any other bags or items greater than 11 x 15 inches.

  • Food and drink of any kind (including water bottles)

Please note: Other items that are not specifically identified or listed but that are determined to be unsafe, present a security risk, or preclude others from enjoying the museum should be checked or are best left at home. Some items of a suspicious or dangerous nature may be restricted even if they are smaller than the maximum size. All bags are subject to security inspection before entering or leaving the museum. In the unlikely event your items are lost, damaged, misplaced, or stolen, the Seattle Art Museum cannot be held responsible.

What amenities are available for visitors with special needs?
SAM strives to be accessible for all visitors and provides a variety of support services to assist with your visit. More information can be found on our Accessibility page.

Please note: service animals are the only animals welcome in the museums.

What are the hours of the Neukom Vivarium at the Olympic Sculpture Park?
The hours of the Neukom Vivarium are intended to mirror the PACCAR Pavilion hours, but vary due to volunteer availability. Please contact us at 206.332.1377 for the current schedule.​

PACCAR Pavilion Hours

Nov 1 – Feb 28 Weekends Only, 10 am – 4 pm
Mar 1 – Oct 31 Tue – Sun, 10 am – 5 pm​​


How do I log into my SAM online account for the first time?
If you have not logged in before, you need to set up your account. Click Setup Account and follow the directions provided. If you are a SAM member, your member ID# can be found on the back of your membership card. If you do not have your member card, contact the SAM Customer Service Center by using the online form or by calling 206.654.3210.

I attempted to create an account online but was told that an account already exists.​​
If you are a current SAM member or a recently lapsed member, you already have an existing account. You just have to activate it with your member ID# and your zip code. (See above instructions on how to log in for the first time.) If you need further assistance, please contact the SAM Customer Service Center by using the online form or by calling 206.654.3210.

I'm a SAM member and I attempted to log into my account with my email address, but it wouldn't let me access my account.
If you have not logged in before, you need to activate your online account with your member ID# and your zip code. (See above instructions on how to log in for the first time.)

If I purchase a membership online today, when can I begin to enjoy my benefits?
Once you have added a membership to your online basket, your membership benefits begin immediately. With a membership in your basket, you’re able to select member ticket options and complete your order all in one transaction.

What if I’ve lost my membership card or it hasn’t arrived yet?
You can visit the museum anytime by showing your photo ID at the Ticketing Desk to verify your membership status. If you need replacement cards, please contact the SAM Customer Service Center by using the online form or by calling 206.654.3210.

New members: your permanent membership cards will arrive in 10–15 business days.

Renewing members: Please continue to use your existing membership cards. Your cards will be electronically updated within 24 hours of your online renewal. You will receive new expiration date stickers, to be used on your existing cards, in 10–15 business days.

How many free member tickets can I reserve per day?
After printing tickets at home, please bring your printout, SAM membership card, and photo ID with you for museum admission. Your membership level determines how many admission tickets you can order per day:

  • Individual/Senior/Student: one ticket per day.

  • Dual/Dual Senior: two tickets per day.

  • Family: two adult and four child tickets per day (for children 18 & under listed on your membership). If you need more than four child tickets, please purchase them on-site.

  • Patron level and above: two adult and four child tickets per day (for children 18 & under listed on your membership). If you need more than four child tickets, please purchase them on-site.

  • Corporate members: employees of SAM corporate members can reserve up to 10 employee tickets per day, one for each corporate membership card. Please request corporate passes h​ere​.

Can members use guest passes to reserve tickets online?
Guest passes cannot be used online. They can only be applied on-site.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email or I lost my print-at-home tickets.
If you did not receive a confirmation email, check the Junk Mail folder in your email account. Make sure that your account is set to approve emails sent from before you purchase additional tickets. If you have lost your print-at-home tickets, you can reprint tickets by logging into your online account. Under "Purchase History" in "My Account Info," you can print active tickets by clicking on the transaction number. Still having trouble? Contact the SAM Customer Service Center by using the online form or by calling​​ 206.654.3210.

I'm a corporate member, how do I buy tickets online?
Employees of SAM corporate members are eligible for member tickets to exhibitions and events. Visit the Ticketing Desk with one of your company’s membership cards and your badge or email us to reserve your tickets. Exhibition tickets can be reserved in advance via the corporate pass request. Clients, friends, and family are asked to pay standard admission prices.

I'm a member of the Western Reciprocal or Metropolitan Reciprocal Membership Program. Can I reserve SAM member tickets online?
Since you are a member of a different museum, we do not have access to your membership account and are unable to verify your membership status online. When you arrive, please present your active membership card with the appropriate reciprocal stickers to SAM’s Ticketing Desk to secure your ticket. For special exhibitions, surcharges may apply.​​​​​​​​​​

How do I take advantage of the Visa Signature Patron level membership discount?
Visa is SAM’s Patron Membership Supporter and authorized cardholders who hold an eligible Visa premium card and are in good standing can take advantage of a 15% discount on Patron level memberships. Eligible Visa premium cards include US-issued Visa Signature and Visa Infinite cards. The Visa Signature Museum Collection offer is valid only when you purchase a Patron level membership with a valid, eligible Visa premium card. You may take advantage of this discount by purchasing online, in person at SAM, or by phone by calling 206.654.3210.


How can I find out if a specific object or type of object is in the SAM collection?
Please take advantage of eMuseum, SAM's online collection system. It gives you access to the nearly 25,000 objects in our holdings. Search the collection by keyword (such as artist name, title, date, material, donor, or accession number). If you cannot find what you are looking for, please email ​us at

Where can I find information about recent acquisitions?
See recent acquisitions​ or email ​us at The Committee on the Collection, a subcommittee of the SAM Board of Trustees, meets regularly to discuss and vote on new additions to the museum’s collection, as well as loans of art to other museums.​

How can I get a copy of a label I saw in the galleries or the label copy for an exhibition?
Please contact If you need label text for an object not on view or you can’t find what you need with the libraries, please contact

How can I get an image of something I saw on view at SAM?
For scholarly papers and other publications, the Image Rights Department can license images of artworks and historic images of exhibitions and events.

How can I learn more about an artwork in my own collection?
SAM curatorial staff cannot offer such services. Electronic re​sources​ for appraisal, authentication, identification, and research have been identified by the library staff for public use.

How can artists get their work exhibited at the museum or in the sculpture park?
The Seattle Art Museum does not accept unsolicited submissions of art except through the annual Betty Bowen Award.

How can I donate, sell, or lend artwork to the museum?
Please see the Art Submission Guidelines for complete details.​​​​​​​​​


Can you authenticate or identify an object? If not, where should I go?
Museum curators and library staff are not able to appraise, authenticate, or positively identify works of art. However, when possible, library staff can help you find helpful information about an object. We can also provide contact information for app​raisal organizations that can appraise, authenticate, or positively identify art.

Are the SAM Libraries open to the public or just museum members?
SAM’s Libraries are open to the public and one does not need to pay museum admission to access them. Materials must be used in the library reading rooms. The Ann P. Wyckoff Teacher Resource Center (TRC) is also open to the public and educators may borrow materials.

I want to learn more about an object in SAM’s collections or about an object currently on view. What resources are available?

Can you help me find information about a work of art that is not in SAM’s collection?
To get started, search our art research resources​ or bring in photographs or photocopies. Do not bring works of art into the museum.

Do library services carry a fee?
Most of the services we provide are free. Occasionally, there are very minimal charges. Patrons are assessed a fee of $0.10 per page for photocopies after the first 10 pages. Additionally, patrons must pay fees for postage (if applicable) and any other charges incurred by library staff on behalf of the patron. The majority of research requests cost less than $5.

If your question is not listed above, please email us at​​​​​​​


​How do I check for availability or reserve an event space?
Contact the Facilities Marketing Manager by email or by phone at 206.654.3140. Space is available to reserve on a first-come, first-served basis up to 12 months in advance.

Can I stop by to view SAM spaces, and do I need to be escorted?
You are welcome to view the museum and PACCAR Pavilion public spaces any time during public hours. You do not need an escort and you’re not required to pay admission to preview the location for a future event. It’s a good idea to contact the Facilities Marketing Manager to double-check that the spaces you would like to view are not booked for an event during the time you want to visit.

Can I bring in an outside caterer for my event?

We partner with Taste Events to provide exclusive catering at all SAM locations. All food and beverage arrangements must be made directly with Taste Events.

What types of events are not allowed at SAM?
College dance events, auctions, and political events are not permitted at SAM. High school reunions and proms, however, are permitted.

If your question is not listed above, please email us at​