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Public Programs

Pu​blic Programs at SAM

There's something happening and you don't want to miss it. So jump in—ask questions, offer opinions, paint, draw, sketch, learn, listen, dance, tour, meet the artists, perform. Find the thing that's right up your alley, or try something entirely new.​

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SAM Creates

SAM Creates SAM Creates

These workshops provide a forum for artists to explain the philosophies underlying their work and for you to delve into the artistic, practical, or quirky processes at work in your daily lives.​​​​​​

COMING UP Aug 28 2016Press & Print: Drop-In Studio

SAM Films

For more than 30 years, SAM has offered some of the most innovative film programming in the country. SAM screens films that explore a diverse cross-section of artists and genres.

Shadowland Film Noir Series

Shadowland Film Noir Series

September 29 – December 8, 2016

Shadowland—where the past is haunted, but the future’s bright with big-money schemes. Where tough dames and wise guys live for midnight, and hope to see the dawn. Where fate sings a blues tune and laughs in the dark.

SAM Films are generously supported by the Bagley and Virginia Wright Endowment and The Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Film and Education Endowment. Additional support provided by David and Catherine Eaton Skinner and Aron Michael Thompson.

COMING UP Sep 29 2016Shadowland Film Noir Series: Nightmare Alley Oct 6 2016Shadowland Film Noir Series: The Chase Oct 20 2016Shadowland Film Noir Series: T-Men Oct 27 2016Shadowland Film Noir Series: The Unsuspected Nov 3 2016Shadowland Film Noir Series: The Red House Nov 10 2016Shadowland Film Noir Series: Flaxy Martin Nov 17 2016Shadowland Film Noir Series: The Prowler Dec 1 2016Shadowland Film Noir Series: Sweet Smell of Success Dec 8 2016Shadowland Film Noir Series: Nightcrawler

SAM Performs


SAM Performs features a wide range of styles, genres, and disciplines. Performances are often accompanied by discussions among artistic collaborators. 

Art of Jazz

Art of Jazz

​Every Second Thursday of the Month
Hear some of the best local and national jazz live in the Brotman Forum, plus sign up to win fabulous prizes from KPLU.

​Art of Jazz is presented in collaboration with Earshot Jazz; sponsors are Earshot Jazz and KPLU 88.5.

Tea Ceremony Demonstrations

Tea Ceremony

​Third Thursdays, 5​:30 pm & Third Sundays, 2:30 pm. Note: there are no tea ceremonies in January, August, or December.

Experience chado, "the W​ay of Tea," in the superbly crafted teahouse in the museum galleries at the Seattle Art Museum. Since the 16th century, chado has provided artistic inspiration and spiritual reflection. This time-honored living art brings a fresh paradigm for thoughtful and harmonious living.​​​​

COMING UP​ Sep 15 2016Tea Ceremony Demonstration Sep 18 2016Tea Ceremony Demonstration Sep 23 2016Streetwise by Martin Bell & Mary Ellen Mark Oct 6 2016Ladies Musical Club Oct 16 2016Tea Ceremony Demonstration Oct 20 2016Tea Ceremony Demonstration Oct 22 2016Music Of Remembrance Nov 3 2016Ladies Musical Club Nov 17 2016Tea Ceremony Demonstration Nov 20 2016Tea Ceremony Demonstration Dec 1 2016Ladies Musical Club Jan 5 2017Ladies Musical Club





/visit/calendar/events?EventId=48857Fri Aug 26 2016SAM Remix


SAM Talks

A timely and innovative forum that addresses​ pressing issues in art and society, SAM Talks bring together some of the most compelling thinkers on a given cultural subject, and include lectures by artists, critics, curators, and scholars related to the work in SAM’s special exhibitions, First Friday Lectures, and Art + Environment Panel discussions.​​​

COMING UP​​​​ Sep 22 2016SAM Talks: Wounds in Warhol



Tour times and topics vary throughout the year. Tours are FREE with museum admission.

People and Places at SAM: Exploring SAM's Galleries
View creatively installed galleries and discuss outstanding artwork from SAM’S collections.

In Focus Gallery Talks
These gallery discussions focus on a single gallery, allowing the visitor to experience works of art in-depth. Topics rotate regularly. 30 minutes.

My Favorite Things
My Favorite Things tours bring some of the most opinionated, brilliant and fascinating artists, cultural producers and community figures into the galleries to discuss their favorite works of art. 30 minutes.

Special Exhibitions
Explore the special exhibitions at the Seattle Art Museum on these tours designed to illuminate exhibition themes and present diverse perspectives on the art on view. 60 minutes.

Art Beyond Sight Tours​
The Art Beyond Sight program provides regular tours of the museum’s collection to visitors with low or no vision. Tours are held at all three SAM locations and are free with advance registration. Private tours are also available upon request. For more information, please email us.​​

Upcoming Art Beyond Sight Tours​​​​​



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Coming Up Jun 15 – Sun Aug 28 2016Graphic Masters: Public Tours Aug 27 – Sun 28 2016Arts of Asia Aug 27 – Sun 28 2016Site, Sculpture, Shoreline: Discover Olympic Sculpture Park Aug 27 – Sun 28 2016People and Places: Exploring SAM’s Galleries Sep 1 2016People and Places: Exploring SAM's Galleries Sep 3 – Sun 4 2016People and Places: Exploring SAM's Galleries Sep 3 – Sun 4 2016Site, Sculpture, Shoreline: Discover Olympic Sculpture Park Sep 3 – Sun 4 2016Arts of Asia Sep 10 – Sun 11 2016Arts of Asia Sep 10 – Sun 11 2016Site, Sculpture, Shoreline: Discover Olympic Sculpture Park Sep 10 – Sun 11 2016People and Places: Exploring SAM's Galleries Sep 17 – Sun 18 2016People and Places: Exploring SAM's Galleries

School Tours​

Are you an educator? You can find school tour information here.​​​​​​


Gardner Center

Offering dynamic public programs at the Asian Art Museum, the Gardner Center for Asian Art and Ideas hosts events to ​explore the vast diversity of Asia, its presence in the world, and the wide range of artistic expression. From history and culture to global health and urban design, we exchange ideas about challenging contemporary issues. We also invite you to experience a range of artistic expression related to Asia.

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Park Season

The rain has gone on summer-long hiatus, the sun is out, and the grass is finally green—it's summer season at the Olympic Sculpture Park! Get outside, play, picnic, and create. SAM presents an entire season packed full of activities and performances that combine visual art, music, and community. The summer programs feature a diverse range of bands and art activities that explore place-making, cultural confluences, and learning from our local environment. All Summer at SAM programs are free, open to the public, and all-ages.

Park Season

Every Thursday (starting July 7) from 6 to 8 pm, catch live music, dance, enjoy food from Seattle’s best food trucks and grab a drink from Taste. When you’re ready to get creative, take part in DIY art projects and take opinionated tours of the park. Kids and their grownups will love our Summer at SAM play space and art-making activities. Take it easy and sprawl out under monumental sculptures like Alexander Calder’s The Eagle or take a quiet walk with breathtaking views of the mountains and water.

Park Season

Saturdays are active days at the park. Join us for free outdoor yoga with 8 Limbs at 9 am and 10 am. From 11 am to 1 pm stop by to get hands-on and learn more about local artists’ practices. Park tours start at 1 pm and you can keep moving with Zumba from 2 to 3 pm.
FREE and open to the public!


Park Benefactors
Jeffrey and Susan Brotman
Faye Sarkowsky
Jon Shirley and Kim Richter
Ann P. Wyckoff
Martha Wyckoff and Jerry Tone

Park Partners
Matthew and Kim Bergman
Firoz and Najma Lalji
Margaret M. Breen and Stewart M. Landefeld
Stuart and Lee Rolfe
Mikal and Lynn Thomsen

Media Sponsor
The Stranger

Programming at the Olympic Sculpture Park is generously supported by Maggie and Doug Walker, and Martha Wyckoff and Jerry Tone.



/summer/thu-aug-25Thu Aug 25 2016Summer at SAM: Thursdays at the Park
/summer/sat-aug-27/Sat Aug 27 2016Summer at SAM: Saturdays at the Park